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What should you do to overcome frustration in trading
02-06-2018, 11:07 PM
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What should you do to overcome frustration in trading
Why traders become frustrated when trading? They should understand that frustration is negative feeling that takes much of your energy. If you think trading is frustrating you should take necessary steps to overcome the frustration. If you look at a Singaporean trader you would understand that he is comfortable with the market but how did it happen? How is it possible for Singaporean traders to feel comfortable whereas you cannot? Actually, even the professional traders would have been frustrated with the market but they were able to overcome the issue. If you become frustrated with the market it will obviously kill your time and energy. If you are frustrated with the market, what should you do to overcome the issue? Sometimes it is good to see good in a bad thing like seeing the goodness in frustration. At times, frustration can also be a good factor but how? Well, if you are frustrated you tend to think differently, you might try something new or different. Likewise, you should find some ways to overcome the frustration if you want to become a pro trader. Nevertheless, we have narrowed a few tips for you, are you ready to learn?

We are a human being and it’s very normal for us to get frustrated after facing a series of losing trades. But there is nothing wrong with it. If you look at the long-term trading system, you will understand how hard it is to trade the market. The moment you step into the trading world is the very moment you start challenging yourself. Never become frustrated over your losing trades. Even if you lose 10 trades in a row it’s absolutely normal. Make sure that you are not risking more than 2% of your account capital in any single trade. Try to do the technical analysis in the higher time frame and you should be absolutely fine.

Write down positive happenings
If you are frustrated about the market the whole procedure will be impulsive so even if there are positive happenings you would not take note of it. There are many ways that you can consider in order to overcome the frustration you have with the market. As an example, if you utilize the demo trading account you will not have the frustration when trading because demo account helps a trader to learn. If you don’t take time to understand the positive happenings around you it will be difficult to move on with the procedures. Even if the market is not offering what you ask for there would have been times when you were able to manage one or two trades so take note. You should write down the positive happenings in the market to keep yourself motivated. You would have learned new strategies, skills, and tips so write it down. If you know that you are moving forward no matter the obstacles you have the courage and mindset to become a better trader. The negative feelings eventually evaporate.

Love what you are doing
If you love reading, you somehow find time to do it in your busy schedule. The main reason why you find time is because you love what you are doing. Likewise, why did you enter the Forex market? It is because you wanted to make money and this is a great method to do so. If you want to make money by trading you should love doing it. If you love what you are doing the motivation comes easily.

Focus on your mistakes
If you want to remove the frustration you should focus on the mistakes on your side. You should understand the mistakes and try to correct it because it is the best way to get rid of the frustration. You should jot down your mistakes and review it often so you would understand whether you have improved or not.
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02-18-2018, 03:23 AM
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RE: What should you do to overcome frustration in trading
All sound advice. I usually back off if I sense I'm getting overly frustrated. Take a break, cool down, and then come back to it refreshed and calm. But everyone needs to find out what works for them.
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